Large Firetube Burner for model steam boilers.

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This gauze burner is a larger version of the standard Clevedon steam firetube burner.  It is roughly twice as efficient as a ceramic burner.  The mixer tube internal diameter is 5/16″/ 8mm and will accept the Clevedon steam no 8 gas jet pipe assembly which is required for this burner.  A no 12 jet can be substituted.

The burner skirt has an internal diameter of 35mm to be a push fit on a 35mm flue.  If it is required to fit in a larger diameter flue, an adaptor will need to be made.  The mixer tube length is 2″ / 50mm and from the edge of the skirt to the head is 1″ 3/4 / 45mm.  The burner head diameter is 28mm.


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