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Clevedon Steam Kits

Clevedon kits are available as Engine Kits, Boiler Kits or Steam Plant Kits.

Please note: A deposit may be required when you order to cover manufacturing costs. Orders must be paid in full prior to dispatch. All prices shown are subject to postage and packing fees, which we will advise you of after ordering.

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Engine Kits

All Clevedon Steam engine kits contain a preassembled standard with cylinder assemblies, fittings, lubricator and sealant.

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Boiler Kits

Our boiler kits contain a painted boiler, wood lagging and bands, all fittings, baseplate, gas jet holder and sealant.

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Steam Plants Kits

All Clevedon Steam plant kits contain  painted boiler, sealant and engine kit, condenser tank, pipework, wood lagging, bands, baseplate and all fittings.

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Parts Shop

The Clevedon Steam shop operates on an ‘order-only’ basis. You place your order in the typical fashion – but payment is only taken once postage and packing is calculated for your order. Once your order has been submitted, Clevedon Steam will contact you by email to confirm the total cost with details on how to pay.


Clevedon Steam can also offer a service to refurbish their oscillating engine range, for instance the fitting of new springs and O- rings.

Cheddar Pelican

Cheddar Plover

Cheddar Pintail

Introducing Clevedon Steam

Jerry Watson started Clevedon Steam in 2006, after the demise of Cheddar Models Ltd, where he had worked for seven years until the end in 2005.

The idea was to offer support for ex-Cheddar customers and provide advice and spare parts. There has been a steady increase in accessories that are available, primarily Cheddar compatible fittings.