Throttle Lubricator

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This Displacement type Lubricator is intended for use with steam engines which do not have their own throttle.  The lever is connected to the throttle servo via a control rod and is designed to work through 90 degrees.  The position of the lever on the spindle can be adjusted by loosening the lock nut, moving the lever and re-tightening the nut.  It is recommended that a drop of sealant is used on this thread.  The steam inlet and outlet threads are 1/4″ x 32tpi and come complete with union nuts and 4mm rings for silver soldering to the steam pipes.  The lubricator can either be fitted straight to the inlet of the engine or with an extension piece/pipe.  The hexagon lubricator cap eases removal if it locks ‘tight’ in use.  It should only be fitted finger tight.

nb: only genuine steam oil should be used.


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